How-to really see the quirky Venice Beach

The beaches in LA County are famous for a reason but Venice Beach offers the most vibrant and unique sights and activities in the entire coast. People from all walks of life hang out comfortably on the bustling streets and families feed those feel-good vibes. For an honest glimpse at the infamous quirky je ne sais quoi head to these Venice Beach must-see gigs and take in the full experience.

Rose Ave

Rose Ave is tucked away in between charming beach houses and overgrown gardens. Tiny vintage shops and trendy restaurants are sprinkled along the way, making it a hidden treasure in Venice. To get a real taste of the Venice Beach flavor check out Café Gratitude, LA’s trendiest and most flavor-packed vegan restaurant. This hidden gem offers quality food and good vibes for both lunch and dinner in the cozy Rose Ave strip.

Ocean Front Walk

For anyone searching for a that truly Venice Beach experience then all you have to do is sit yourself on Ocean Front Walk. Filled with bizarre gimmicks and characters all looking to make a buck or let their freak flags fly you never truly know what you will encounter while taking a stroll on this stretch of boardwalk. Ocean Front Walk also has Muscle Beach, where you will find overstretched skin on the hoards of bodybuilders using the outdoor gym, as well as the outdoor skatepark littered with talented skaters. No matter what you seek you will find something to entertain you while on Ocean Front Walk.

Real to Reel Walking Tour

In probably the most innovative and engaging walking tour on the West Coast, the Real to Reel walking tour shows you Venice Beach from the Hollywood perspective. Armed with an iPad and good walking shoes you will get a tour of the streets by viewing 105 film clips of videos filmed in each location. Sign up for your tour and see Venice Beach from behind-the-scenes.

Mosaic Tile House

Venice Beach is known for its quirky side and there is nothing quite so quirky as the infamous Mosaic Tile House. The house is tucked inside one of Venice’s charming neighborhoods right behind Lincoln Blvd. Most tiles are hand blown by Cheri Pann and then fixated on seemingly any open surface by Gonzalo Duran. After decades of this artistic endeavor visitors can now visit their quirky and beautiful art-haven of a home with a quick reservation and $12.

Abbot Kinney Ave

Abbot Kinney is where all the latest trends, newest cocktails and most delicious foods all come together in the most quintessential Los Angeles way. This modest-looking avenue is packed with the best thrift shops, spiritual reading corners, public gardens and Yelp-worthy bites to eat. Grab an overpriced (but totally delicious) coffee from Intellegentsia and stroll the streets that GQ magazine named the “Coolest Block in America.”

Venice Canals

In an effort to replicate the infamous canals in Venice, Italy the developer of Abbot Kinney designed man-made canals complete with gondola rides to bring the essence of Italy to California. Though they are not very similar in the end the canals do provide a beautiful oasis among some of the wealthiest homes in the area, making it a popular destination for many locals looking to escape the bustling city for a moment.

First Friday

Abbot Kinney First Fridays is an outdoor block part packed with drool-worthy food trucks and innovative cocktails. Many shops on the avenue stay open late to participate and bars offer cocktail specials. The AKFF offers a much calmer neighborhood vibe than many other big beaches while still keeping the quirky edge that Venice Beach is known for.

Strap on your rollerblades and head to Ocean Front Walk and bring your appetite for AKFFs. No matter what you’re looking for you will likely find it in Venice Beach. An incomparable and unbeatable balance of trendy and neighborly makes it an ideal spot to casually explore the hidden gems of Southern California.